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For Leonard Cohen, this. Not his own words or mine, but a poem which has informed my love of writing about impermanence, and because it came to mind today when I heard of Cohen's passing. Because it was with this spirit of fearlessness and presence; love of life, and letting go; that I imagine Cohen leaving his body: willingly, with the grace he showed in life. For the Anniversary of my Death by W. S. Merwin Every year without knowing it I have passed the day When the last fires will wave…

From the wisdom of Mr Nelson Mandela. How true is it today more than ever. #hope #fearless #lovemore ---> Follow my series of wisdom snippets - some my own thoughts others that have inspired me - that I've connected with deeply. I hope you find them useful. . . . #Love #Instagood #Followme #Follow #Life #quote #instaquote #quotes #quoteoftheday #change #mindset #nelsonmandela

Let compassion and fearlessness guide you and you’ll live wisely and effectively in good times and bad. Here Pema Chödrön offers a powerful method to awaken these qualities using a practice called lojong, which has been a primary focus of her teachings and personal practice for many years. In this boxed set, she provides all the tools needed to practice it in your own life. It includes:an introduction to the

Some people just need to get a life of their own. But it does make my life more interesting, just seeing how much attention they pay to me and how much they desperately need a life.

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6 Tips On How You Can Be More Confident At Work

I like the planner on the desk, can take to work and bring home. Tell me who my clients are for the day, who I'm meeting and talking to etc, appointment times with clients and drafts for letters to give to my seceretary. Can come in handy and looks cute and matches my office colours theme.

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24 hours in pictures

Someone pull me into doing something I like, but am not confident enough to do on my own. Like being crazy and dancing in the rain

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Get out of your own way and DO IT! F.E.A.R = False Evidence Appearing Real!!!

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How to Create A Media Kit for Your Blog

After over 4 years of blogging, a couple of months ago, I finally got my act together and created my own Media Kit for Swoon Worthy. And after doing quite a bit of research around the interwebs on how and why to create one, I thought it might be helpful to share with you what …