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Write about a character who happens to be a teenager. The catch? This character has a guardian spirit who follows them around, and may at times offer assistance. Double catch? Unfortunately, this 'guardian' is a very powerful, very angry, and over-protective dark spirit.

The MS MONSTER... It almost becomes an entity of its own. It gets in between us and others, it swallows our energy, it fools others into believing we are well because we look good... But the MONSTER is always there, taking from us. (Joker quote)

It is quite sad to think that there are some people that do not even have a sense of light and darkness. May Allah guide us all to the right path, Ameen!

from kate the great

Kate the Great

I can pick the most perfect and pure entity apart and find its darkness. It's taken a lot to not search for reasons to leave. I'm terrible at commitment but he's got the knack of working with me, rather than controlling me.