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Win win #latinos

Win win #latinos

Got this from my Mexican friend, lol so funny.

26 Jokes Only Mexicans Will Understand. I married into a Mexican family but my family is actually bigger than his lmao.our kids are screwed.and I wanna have at least 5 of our own (we already have lol

La chancla

jajajaja the flying chancla! Mexicans Be Like but the chancla is impossible to run from

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Mexicans be like. LOL SO TRUE, I was moping, sweeping and cleaning the bathroom at age five.

We don't f**k around when it comes to our daughters.

Warning when you date a Mexican daughter . Dad's be like "You Talking to My daughter?

My kids' repertoire of baseless superstitions=Next level stuff. Cucuy is everywhere!

I would sneak into the kitchen to grab a sausage and run back to my room scared of el cucuy😂😂😂😂

you know you're mexican when...

You know you're latino when. According to my late grandfather, a Christmas baby born in name was Jesus Salvador Natividad, his 8 brothers and sisters had these names. Even a brother named Jose Maria, yes, a brother. << LOL for real tho

Mexican problems

Not Mexican but they said this to me a lot growing up and saying the same to my daughter

Haha or can u pass me the control..this shit used to be so irritating lol

One day It's gonna be a real emergency and I'm going to think she wants me to lavar los trastes😂