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Osmunda regalis var. spectabilis (Royal fern) - Fern - Zones 2-10, Height 4-6 ft. Royal fern is truly one of the most distinctive and spectacular bold-textured, deciduous native ferns with its light green, leathery leaves and graceful architectural stature. With adequate moisture, royal fern can reach 6' tall and create a lush, tropical feel along a stream or beside a pond.

NATIVE. Dryopteris goldiana - Goldie's woodfern. This is the largest of the native wood ferns, reaching 4' in ideal conditions. It is a stately and slowly spreading groundcover, forming large clusters of graceful arching fronds. Named for Scottish botanist John Goldie, its fronds are green without a hint of gold. Height: 3-4', Spread: 2-3'. Shade to Part Sun.

Athyrium niponicum var. pictum (Japanese painted fern) - Fern - Zones 4-9, Height 12-18 in. One of the most colorful ferns around with subtle shades of green, purple and red on a grey-blue background! The color is more intense with some direct sun, preferably morning or late afternoon. Strong-growing and dependable, the lady ferns are great garden plants.

Athyrium filix-femina 'Victoriae' (Lady fern) - Fern - Zones 4-9, Height 18-24 in. "This is the most spectacular of all cultivars in its magnificent frond architecture. It is really the Queen of Green", according to Dr. John Mickel former curator of ferns at the New York Botanical Garden and author of "Ferns for American Gardens". This superb selection has fronds whose pinnae (leaflets) crisscross to form x's and has crested pinnae tips.

Osmunda cinnamomea (Cinnamon fern) - Fern - Zones 2-10, Height 2-5 ft. Also known as Osmundastrum cinnamomeum. Brilliant green, lacy fronds gracefully arch outward in stately vase-shaped clumps. In early summer the narrow fronds emerge as vertical spikes of reddish-brown in the center. Especially striking when planted in groups! Prefers a moist, shady site but tolerates more sun in cooler zones.

Dryopteris x australis (Dixie woodfern) - Fern - Zones 5-9, Height 3-4 ft. The genus name Dryopteris means "oak fern" in Greek, because the plant is often found in oak forests. Dryopteris x australis is a natural hybrid (D. celsa x ludoviciana) found in wild populations from Louisiana to Virginia, but is a superb garden plant as far north as Zone 5. It is taller than either parent and a formidable addition to the garden.

Christmas Fern: Polystichum acrostichoides. Full to partial shade. Needs wet or constantly moist soil. Fast growing to 30" tall and about as wide. ___ Low growing eastern US native fern. Produces a spreading habit with narrow, upright fronds that are dark, leathery and just 5 inches wide. Spreads via underground rhizomes. Excellent choice for groundcover in shaded beds and borders. Herbaceous. Firescaping/Fire Wise.

Lady Fern- Truly durable and versatile it grows well in shady locations but is also one of the most sun tolerant fern and some say it even thrives in the sun! #DreamSpringGarden

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