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21 People Everyone Has Definitely Texted Before In Their Life

Yes we do. But that friend is the graceful one. I'm the one that can't get out of the pool._. << SAME

But that friend is the graceful one. I'm the one that can't get out of the pool. << SAME<<<We all do have that one friend who decides to show off their amazing skills of being able to gracefully get out of the pool.

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so I don't have any group pics but my friends do. this is soooo true for them. I can't stop laughing

This is horrible. When I was younger Disney taught you that everybody is different and that there was nothing wrong with that. Nowadays Disney is laughing about the fact that someone isn't eating. It's disgusting! They should just rerun all the old Disney programmes.

Haha, that's too fun

I really hate Disney channel. It's last hope is Gravity Falls. I hope Disney channel dies soon.


Hate this kinda silly stuff, like babyyyyy just one more, but I actually love it too -Skully

I want to aay "get a life"  but if you did,  we wouldn't have masterpieces like this.

I was entertained. I mean, he's our president. I totally support him and hope he can help make America great again. But you gotta admit, this is funny.