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Candy-coated and pastel: of course, because it's really magic.

The world glitters with magic; have you eyes to see?

C’rrahsa has a long string of unrequited crushes on NPCs. All of them failed, but none quite so spectacularly as her feelings for Una Tayuun. As intimate as it is to prepare your crush’s body for burial after an intense Echo flashback of her violent death, it doesn’t bode well for a second date. (Necromancy seems way too awkward when you’re not sure if she ever really liked you back to begin with; you don’t want to put her on the spot like that.)

I was a fresh 50 back when 2.1 came out with this hair. For a while this was C'rrahsa's signature look, even though the hair isn't really "her" and she can't wear the glasses with the hat. I still like the ensemble.

You rule over everything, my mistress and my light.

someone 90ked in brayflox? time to take pictures.