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Your hugging arms will be the very first person I find when God takes me home!!! Love u ♥️

Loss of a words to describe the anguish and pain. Pain and Grief are not the same as just being "negative." LEAVE ME ALONE!!

"I so miss how special you made all of the holidays... from the time you were little... to the end of your journey. I miss those special memories... I miss... Y❤U❣ Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet Angel........" -Mom [LJ]

My dad, I miss him every day still. He died April 21, 1991 and for the longest time, I was resentful because he never told me he was proud of me for any of my accomplishments; the other day while remembering how he worked to better himself (for his family), I realized that I never told him that I was proud of him.....I'm sorry, Daddy....I am so proud of you, I always was, and hope that you know it

" It " is my life, " it is my Son, I will not get over " it " in a million years ! Robbie is gone but not forgotten ...10-4 / 9-18-13

Overwhelming grief is so true CLIFFTON, it is unexplainable pain, loss emptiness. My son CLIFFTON I MISS YOU. 9/22/2014