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What are wolves? What do wolves look like? Where do wolves live? What do wolves eat? How do wolves live together? How do wolves communicate? When are the puppies born? How are wolves different from…


Wolves are often friends with crows and ravens, working together to hunt and eating together. The crows look for food and tell the wolf where it is and shares the meat once the wolf catches it

Watching you...

Professional Wolf Pictures of Arctic Wolves and Timber Wolves. Wolf Pictures to bring awareness to wolf pack conservation.

Black VS White

Sparring Wolves Photograph by Cesar Aristeiguieta, Your ShotA very large juvenile male (white) challenges the alpha male (gray) for control of the wolf pack. Although it faced a formidable challenger, the alpha prevailed … for now.

snow animals wolf beautiful perfect Awesome nature wolves vertical ...

baby dog The Arctic wolf Snow Wolf dog Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes.

Reminds me of Lelu and her hugs!!!

Beautiful Wild animals pictures and Nature Photo Gallery Beautiful Fox Wolf Run spirit animal


Mexican Wolves Desktop Wallpapers, Animal Photos, Pictures, Wolves Backgrounds for your desktop computer wallpaper

Moonshadows & Moonstones

precious moment for a grey wolf mommy and her baby. so sweet // Grey Wolves are endangered. Please DO NOT hunt wolves!