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Mars in the Future: http://futuristicnews.com/tag/mars/

View of Valles Marineris, Mars - in my next lifetime I want to come back as a terraformer, to settle an entire new world, that'd make you feel like a pilgrim! There is something so hauntingly beautiful & vast about space!

Las ondas gravitacionales

Moving masses generate waves of gravitational radiation that stretch and squeeze space-time.

North Pole of Mars

sixpenceee: “The Mars Express orbiter captured this stunning view of the north polar region of Mars in January, Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G.

One of the best collections of images from space. <3... One of the best…

An unnamed Galaxy ! Article: “SpaceX Aborts Thanksgiving Rocket Launch Due to Engine Trouble” and “Space-Art” Gallery

navy blue & brown

Messier The nebula Messier 78 (also known as M 78 or NGC is a reflection nebula in the constellation Orion.

The "Black Widow" pulsar is moving through the galaxy at a speed of almost a million kilometers per hour. A bow shock wave due to this motion is visible to optical telescopes, shown in this image as the greenish crescent shape. The pressure behind the bow shock creates a second shock wave that sweep...

The “Black Widow” Pulsar is moving through the galaxy at a speed of almost a million kilometers per hour. Its high-energy wind also has a dramatic effect on its companion star, which orbits the pulsar every hours. (Credit: NASA/CXC/M.

Pink and purple - space, black, stars, nebula, sky, light, purple, pink, yellow

An everlasting collection of our stars produced, edited and captured by several artists. Originally compiled by delirium. It looks like puppy paw prints though :)

This wider view of Uranus reveals the planet's faint rings and several of its satellites. The area outside Uranus was enhanced in brightness to reveal the faint rings and satellites. The outermost ring is brighter on the lower side, where it is wider. It is made of dust and small pebbles, which create a thin, dark, and almost vertical line across the right side of Uranus (especially visible on the natural-color image).

Rings and Moons Circling Uranus: Image Credit: NASA and Erich Karkoschka, University of Arizona.

NASA-Weltraumteleskop ortet mysteriöses Röntgensignal in fernen Galaxienhaufen und Galaxien  http://grenzwissenschaft-aktuell.blogspot.de/2014/08/nasa-weltraumteleskop-ortet-mysterioses.html  Abb.: NASA

Mysterious Stars Surround Andromeda's Black Hole - Credit: © 2002 R. Gendler, Photo by R. GendlerThe Andromeda Galaxy photographed with a telescope by amateur astronomer Robert Gendler. How beautiful.


A spectacular Hubble Space Telescope image reveals the heart of the Lagoon Nebula (Messier by gina

Planetary nebula NGC 5189  http://www.hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/2012/49/

Hubble snaps NGC 5189 The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope celebrates the holiday season with a striking image of the planetary nebula NGC The intricate structure of the stellar eruption looks like a giant and brightly coloured ribbon in space.

Two grand canyons fill with fog, one on Earth and one on Mars.

The Grand Canyon in the Mars ! A mist of water ice crystals hangs in the "Grand Canyon of Mars," Valles Marineris. Observed by the Mars Express orbiter. ESA / G.

Now he's back in the atmosphere with drops of Jupiter in his hair.. #AstroFacts

thedemon-hauntedworld: “ Jupiter close up credit: NASA ”The Great Red Spot of Jupiter. Actually a storm that's been raging for over 300 years, it's three times the size of the entire Earth.

Nebula Galore : Photo

Nebula Galore : Photo