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Babe is it funny we saw this right before we got married...and then the other one popped up when were having kids... O.o Your mother must stalk us.

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Eren x Levi (Rivaille) ♡ Ereri / Riren | Characters of "Attack on Titan" “ Lena_レナ [-permission was given by the artist-] ~please don't remove the source~ ”

Anime: Attack On Titan Character: Levi Ackerman °Yay! So he was never going to marry Petra!"

THATS LIKE THIS THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME: So like, get this. Our new swim coach is named Aran Ackerman. Oh were it not that his name is spelled the English way and not the Turkish way. #socloseyetsofar [I feel like no one ever knows if I write the captions or not so I'll specify. I, Brittany, wrote this.] Figure the rest of my pins out on ya own fam.