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Rad exposure

Cancer is natural & caused by radiation. Radiation Exposure and the body. This would have been helpful in xray school as I was learning this stuff.

Been there

This is for all those brave ones that soldiered into rooms with me when I asked for moral support


I thought this was pretty funny. I have been working night shift for nearly 5 years. I worked evenings during nursing school.

The only patient satisfaction question that matters... Did you die??

And if an ER nurse had anything to do with it, that answer is probably No!

When I finish giving report! Nurse humor. Peace out. Nursing problems.

When I finish giving report! In sterile processing you run before that phone rings, door knocks, vocera calls, or that elevator light flashes✌🏻

Nurse humor. Ryan Gosling Hey Girl. Oh.my.gosh. Can't stop laughing at this.

HAHA - I was just asking today why only the patients that look like the bottom picture make inappropriate comments - never the cute ones!