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Oh so very true! @Erika Flores LMAO


Human Have No Idea

"We are living on the planet as if we have another one to go to" ... too true, it's frightening how we are destroying our very own home and we can't just move house when it all falls apart !


Spring is Just Around the Corner

Bleeding Hearts flower ~ I'm pinning these 'hearts in nature' pins because sometimes we get too "busy" to stop & take time to notice God's amazing creations. Our Creator wouldn't have made these if He didn't want us to take notice of all the beauty He made for us to enjoy & give Him praise for it! ~~~ There is no excuse for humankind to deny God's existence, for it is evident all around us.

After my son came out as gay my husband could never fully accept him and treat him equally. After a year of trying to make it work, I'm finally asking for a divorce.


The Fault in Our Stars Quotes

The 6 Best Passages from The Fault in Our Stars

Workout - EdWin Oneshot by Dreamer-Of-Ravens on DeviantArt

Course then there are those who think they never do anything wrong...can you say DENIAL?


Valentina Ramos Random Flowers Shower Curtain

Valentina Ramos shower curtain

"It never goes away you know, the desires that wait for you on the other side of fear. You can stay as busy as you want and try to deny their existence, but they live there, growing stronger as they wait for you to catch up to them. They feed silently on your hidden, aching longing and watch you tirelessly with unblinking eyes, hoping for a single spark of daring that will at long last let them free." ~Ara -Photo Credit: alonely at DevianArt

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