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the three little pigs

the three little pigs hyper-minimalist fairy tale poster designed by christian jackson.


Pictogram History

The guys of the italian graphic design and illustration office like to propose their version of the history of famous people, like Michael Jackson, Darth Vader and Adolf Hitler, in form of pictograms.

Bambi, By Felix Salten.  An unbelievable book.  Not Disney, but the actual story from which the movie came.  It is a beautiful book.  Bambi's Children as well is in this cataghory.  So much imagination.

Ten Re-Imagined Disney Posters

Музыкальные плакаты-пиктограммы

Graphic designer Viktor Hertz simplifies popular songs into clever minimalist pictogram posters. Full collection at Viktor Hertz. Listen to the music.

Без названия

Information - Ella Bailey Illustration, the gradient of colours here going from light to dark as you descend into the ocean

Anti-racism poster by Angelos Ntinas, via Behance

Anti-racism poster that shows each arm as a gun pointed at themselves. I believe it shows how the guns are in the control of the other, and that trust is the only thing separating the death of each other.

Seinfeld minimalist film poster

Seinfeld Poster By William Henry Design. print of an original graphic, with the unmistakeable characters of the show.

10 Alternate & Minimalistic Disney Movie Posters by Rowan Stocks Moore - 101 Dalmatians. Love!

10 Alternate & Minimalistic Disney Movie Posters

Os Caça-Fantasmas

This a simple and minimalist movie posters by Matt Owen, an art director from Little Rock, Arkansas. He produces simple minimalist movie posters for classic and modern films using the most basic of elements in an incredibly clever way.

The way they use negative space to create the image of the mouse is really interesting to me. I almost didn't see the mouse at first. Creating something like that always seemed super difficult to me

Graphic design inspiration

GRAPHIC DESIGN – POSTER – Poster illustrating the use of negative space to great effect. Clever use of positive and negative space!


Aeroflot old Russian airline poster - wonderful colours as well as great design. I flew Aeroflot in Scariest flight I've ever made.

I had to stare at this on for a while to figure it out (without reading the title). Now I feel stupid. ::: simple pixar posters

Pixar Characters, Reduced To Their Essence In Simple, Tender Logos

http://www.valerodoval.com/ on Twitpic

Japanese print and pattern that goes back to the old chinese sign for water (on maps) and the japanese kanji go back to chinese characters .

Noma Bar's Guess Who this piece is modern links very well with the famous people and you can instantly tell who it is but such amazing skill.

Noma Bar’s Minimalist Vector Portraits of Cultural Icons

Funny pictures about Iconic people. Oh, and cool pics about Iconic people. Also, Iconic people.

Reservoi Dogs

reservoir dogs: Part of Ibraheem Youssef’s Quentin Tarantino Graphic movie poster series.