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The 'JUST A NICE PIC...' thread - Page 5

The Russian military's most advanced fighter, the Su-35, is fast, maneuverable, lethal and versatile.

Blossom Forth - A weirdly beautiful creation by Russian fashion designer Yegor Zaitsev

British pilots given ‘green light’ to shoot down Russian planes in Syria - Make Wars History

Su-27 ✈ Flanker. #Warbirds

Russian Space Shuttle. Wow! It sure looks NASA's shuttle! #space #nasa

Russian Air Force Tupolev Tu-95MS in flight over Siberia, circa 2010. (Photo: Vadim Savitskiy)

Asia's Su-27/30 Variants Sukhoi's T-10 Flanker family of combat aircraft is without doubt the outstanding design in the final generation of Soviet Cold War era systems. Since the fall of the USSR, the Flanker has continued to evolve and is now by far the leading Russian military technology export. The Flanker has been exported globally, and the Asia-Pacific now boasts the world's largest inventory of these versatile and highly capable combat aircraft.