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Numbat - These endangered little marsupials are Australian and useful (they eat as many as 20,000 termites per day!), and they are also known as Walpurti.

Known as African wild, painted, or Cape hunting dogs, these endangered canines closely resemble wolves in their pack-oriented social structure.

from Live Science

Bounds of Biodiversity: Photos of Wildlife At Risk

The Przewalski's Horse (Equus ferus) is a success story, improving its status from critically endangered to endangered. Originally, it was listed as "Extinct in the Wild" in 1996, but thanks to a captive breeding program and a successful reintroduction program, the population is now estimated at more than 300, according to the IUCN.

Indian Gharial Crocodile: Despite its substantial size (up to 400 lbs and 20') this critically endangered species has a narrow and fragile jaw and eats fish, not humans.

Baby Takin - Closely related to sheep, Takins are native to China and the eastern Himalayas and are well adapted to cope with cold with a secondary coat of fur and a special nasal cavity that helps warm up the cold air they breath in. Although considered national treasures in China, Takins are facing a declining population, primarily due to habitat loss and are classified as an endangered species. [someone else's caption]