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PAIMON The element is Air, the planet is Sun. Meditation is your surest guide through the problems you face, pay attention to your dreams! Mantra for this card: Wisdom Blessings, Annika Ashia a.k.a Sonya Schroeder ♤♡

Today’s Angel Card – Diana Cooper

Todays Angel Card | Diana Cooper

"Faith" Magical Times Empowerment Cards par Jody Bergsma

There are moments in life when, out of the blue, it seems that everything has been orchestrated by Divine intervention. You feel blessed in ways that are difficult to express. It’s as if the Red Sea parts in front of you and events come together to banish your troubles easily and naturally. You know deep down you did not deserve any of it, and yet here you are. This is one of those times. Let awe and gratitude for all your blessings guide you now.

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Manifesting Dreams, from the Gateway Oracle Card deck, by Denise Linn Manifesting Dreams: "My dreams are coming true!" Card Meaning: "Life goes in cycles. There is a time f...

We create our realities! What we say and do effect our lives. Cards ~ Daily Guidance From Your Angels by Doreen Virtue

It is time to release the resentment, allow your mind to rest and be free from wretchedness and discontentment, renew your ambitions with hope and see the tranquility grow

Archangel Zadkiel guidance message through Angel Messenger Jill Harrison