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House Wyl of the Boneway is a house sworn to Sunspear. It is one of the principal houses of Dorne.

House Fowler of Skyreach is a noble house from Skyreach in Dorne. They hold the title of "Warden of the Prince's Pass", suggesting they are the most prominent house of the region. Words: Let me soar.

House Vaith of the Red Dunes is a Dornish noble house. Their seat, also named Vaith, is placed on the river with the same name. West of Vaith are the deep sands of Dorne;[1] the head of House Vaith has the title Lord of the Red Dunes.

House Uller of Hellholt is one of the great noble houses in Dorne. The Ullers have their keep in the middle of the Dornish desert, and are reputed to be impulsive and unpredictable. There's a saying in Dorne that goes "Half of the Ullers are half-mad, and the other half are worse."

House Toland of Ghost Hill is a Dornish noble house sworn to Sunspear. Its seat is at Ghost Hill

House Dalt of Lemonwood is a knightly Dornish house. Lemonwood is located south of the mouth of the Greenblood, close to the Shadow City.

House Jordayne of the Tor is a Dornish noble house. Their seat is placed on the coast of the Dornish Sea. Their blazon is a golden quill on checkered dark and light green.[1][2] Their words do not appear in the books, but in a semi-canon source they are stated to be "Let it be Written"