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Ice Blue Faceted Crystal Resin Pendant With Gold Flakes - Geometric Necklace - Resin Jewelry

I made this crytal-like blue faceted pendant with hand-pigmented resin and gold flakes poured in mold. The glass like resin has a nice durable finish and

White painted stones by Natasha Newton - These would make a nifty place card. Just hand your guests a business card with a matching design on it. Then they get to match the card to the rock at their place. They could then take the rock home as a keepsake.

Zen Art Painted Rock Turquoise Gold & Silver Signed Original 3D Art Ornament Unique Gifts for Her Home Decor Accessory Office Gifts for Him

Garnet - Red:The "stone of health", extracting negative energy from the chakras and transmuting the energy to a positive state. Stimulates Kundalini, assists in flow of energy.