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Muslim immigrants should go to other Muslim countries!


It's so sad that America has become home to the worlds most useful idiots.


AMEN Would like to see a TRUTH METER attached to the teleprompter that the audience could see, as well

President Dwight David Eisenhower by TamidP

President Dwight David Eisenhower - Why is it that every single President BEFORE this one has acknowledged that America IS a Judeo-Christian nation!

Food for thought when discussing gun ownership from www.sportsmanlawyers.com and www.chaudharylawoffice.com

Second Amendment rights. 85 million gun owners killed no one yesterday.


I stand for the Unborn. I stand for our Military. I stand for traditional marriage. I stand for one nation under God!

15 minutes after Ronald Reagan took the oath of office of the President of the United States, the ayatollah released 52 Hostages held captive for 444 days.


Presidential Requirement: Previously served in the U. Military Obama is NOT a US Citizen!


Obama fact: For every 1 job created under the Obama Administration 75 people went on food stamps.

Do criminals obey the law? No. So you're just going to end up taking guns away from the good guys. Hm.

#nobama #firearms #libtards #stupidliberals #liberals

That is Just So Plain, Straight Forward, and Accurate. However, in this case the Government would be the Wolves and General Population, the sheep.


A congress with ethics, good luck with that. Wouldn't a dedicated congress that actually cared about our country make you proud to be an American?