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Why is there no fanart of Bill and Roman Torchwick from RWBY liking each other's hats?

Bill's two moods: I'm gonna outsmart you and you will never see it coming. You are getting close to beating me and it will NOT go unpunished!

Want to wear Gravity Falls Wheel close to your hear? This is perfect for any Gravity Falls fans!

No more pretending - Dipcifica by Riuke-Z

No more pretending - Dipcifica by Riuke-Z on DeviantArt. I actually really like this dynamic and I kinda wanna see how the writers handle it

I like it<this is...the edgiest thing ive seen all day

true knowledge never dies. So he became a being of pure energy and insanity. He often cries over his past, but moves on, for he knows he has a very important role to serve in what's yet to come.

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hand with six fingers: Stanford Pines star with eye: lil' Gideon pine tree: dipper symbol on the hat of stan: Stanley Pines ice: Wendy Question mark: Soos Glasses: Old man McGuckin Heart with scar: Robby SHooting star: Mabel Llama: Pacifica Northwest

The Cipher Wheel

Can you pick the symbol based off the character on the Bill Cipher Wheel/Zodiac? Test your knowledge on this television quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Quiz by

Gravity falls

Gravity Falls/Reverse Falls (Gravity Falls is absolute the best show I have ever watched (Except for anime (sorry if you love this show)))

Gravity Falls ended ಥ_ಥ I’m so sad, but the ending was great and Alex Hirsch is a genius. I LOOOOOOOOOVE some of Bill’s designs and how messed up and terrifying he can get so I just finished an art.