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Paint patterns on store- bought spoons for a present that's both useful and sentimental.                 Lightly sand the handles of a pair of wood or bamboo salad servers, then rinse and dry them. Place a ring of masking tape midway down each handle. Pour a few colors of acrylic paint onto a disposable plate. Have your child dip a finger into the paint, then make dots on the handles. Let the paint dry before adding overlapping dots. Remove the tape. After the paint is completely dry, coat…

20 Gifts Kids Can Make

Paint patterns on store- bought spoons for a present that's both useful and…

Lot of Vintage Wooden Curtain Rings with Clips by LittleRetronome

Lot of Vintage Wooden Curtain Rings with Clips, Assorted Curtain Hooks set of Swedish Drapery Rings, Curtain Pegs, Rustic Decor