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I have avoided American politics like the plague until Bernie Sanders came into the picture! Wood a guy! His passion for change met our passion for wood. #woodvibetribe #berniesanders #putabirdonit #intarsia #wood #woodworking #woodcarving #sacredgeometry #bernie2016 #feelthebern #woodvibes by bradrhadwood

Rob Heard - Bough House Sculptures - Unique Wooden Art Sculptures hand-carved on Exmoor

a little wooden dachshund :) I really need to carve one of these

Other sources say to make the thickness of the cup quite slim to prevent splitting, I don't know if the 'paper bag' drying method he uses helps prevent this. Carving a Kuksa Cup tutorial-

Awesome garden chair from Ravenna Gardens in Seattle. Like our Facebook page!

"ON THE ALERT MINI" 5" x 3.5" x 3" Edition of 50, 2006, $600 -- I decided to cast it this size, I added the stylized rocks to be included in the bronze rather than using a separate base of another material like I did for the larger one

from Badass Helmet Store

Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets

Storm Trooper Wood Carving - Nothing is cooler than this

Someday, I'll take a branch. From the yard. And turn it into a spoon. Probably a day very far into the future.