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Long over due for some Percy Jackson! This sketch has been idling on my computer for months! So it was finally time I finished it. Just The Percy Jackson Gang

Yes omg favorite part from the third book!

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This was one of my favorite parts of The Titan's Curse, Zoe was so confused haha. I LOVE Percy Jackson

Hero's play

Percabeth and Jasper playing Super Smash Bros. My life is complete.

Betrayed Son of the Sea (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) - Chapter 8 - Wattpad

Betrayed Son of the Sea (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) - Chapter 8

If the "Heroes of Olympus" were Disney Characters!this is pretty awesome! I think they all match the personalities and looks, except for annabeth/aurora

Percy Jackson characters... Except Nico should be younger...

A half-blood of the eldest gods shall reach sixteen against the odds and see the world in endless sleep a heroes soul cursed blade shall reap a single choice shall end his days Olympus to preserve or raize

Percy! This was a great part. I love these people. I read these books over and over.

Wheat started to re-form, but Percy pulled a lighter from his pack and sparked a flame. “Try it,” he warned, “and I’ll set this whole field on fire! Stay away from us, or the grass get’s.

monkeyscandance:  Annabeth is my favourite female character from the Percy Jackson Universe and I was so happy when I got to illustrate her for my little project with Ronja. Percy | Nico | Annabeth | Clarisse | more to come

Annabeth Chase and Athena. - I always pictured both Annabeth and Athena blonde. =D

An Olympus Sleepover by ~MadLibbs on deviantART.. <--- look at the Percy!!!

thenamesmadlibbs: An Olympus sleepover! Its always a party with these Heroes hahaha. All characters belong to Rick Roirdan’s Heroes of Olympus series :) This turned out very yellow but I am done with fiddling with it!

Heroes of Olympus

This is a "story" where I will post headcanons about Pjo and Hoo, and a little bit of ToA. Most of them aren't mine, and I don't approve some of them but I thi.