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My great-granddad found his birth certificate when he was 20 and realised he had a middle name - Our family records that Rainie had showed the wrong spelling of my name and the wrong birthdate.

Dark white shirt I'm literally dying of laughter right now oh my gosh

@MΔCΨ ∇ΔLDΣZ @Jestina McClellan McClellan Horan (TBCI) @∞•JeNnA•∞ or Eugina

THIS IS NOW A THING<<< I was actually in class and was on my phone and started laughing and my teacher was like Brianna are you okay and I just said uh Luigi! And my friend just stared at me and we laughed until the teacher told us to be quiet

XD thats the best comment ever

hahahahahaha whos flat now hahahaha why do I find this so funny?

I guess you can say it's a chemical romance

But what if we do start manufacturing love pills. Uase it normally, it's Brave New World feel-goodsies, but an overdose could mean severe psychosis. <<< woAH THATS A GOOD PROMPT

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I want my blood back, blood draw, blood results, phone call, afult responsibilities

what I'm thinking! but I'm bi... plus sorry about the langauge http://ibeebz.com

that last sentence got me<<<<<<this seems pretty accurate, there are at least 2 gays that I know of in my APUSH class and at least one in the other classes.

I could get behind this.

I could get behind this.

I might let zombie Robin Williams eat me for sustenance if there was even the remotest chance I'd still be alive.