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Five Reasons NOT to Use a Rental Carpet Cleaner2

Bike shed and log store combined with the added bonus of a green roof!

from Etsy

1950's Royal Typewriter

1950's Royal Typewriter - really want a pale blue one in my future house as well as a computer- great for writing with the added bonus of no headaches from bright screens. Win win situation!

from Open-Ended Art For Young Children

This Is A Craft: Snowy Owl

Owls! ponderosa pinecones. You can find this this time of year very cheap, with the added bonus of cinnamon scent at your nearest craft store. 5 cotton balls that your toddler or older child will love to shred into pieces googley eyes white and brown pipecleaners or felt for the wings and beak, Tacky glue

Extra Lean Turkey Kebabs (On Skewers) (High Protein/Low Fat) Recipe by SAPCHAVDA via @SparkPeople

from Half Baked Harvest

Green Goddess Zucchini Pasta with Fried Halloumi

asil pesto. Um, this may just be my new favorite sauce/dip/spread for toast, crackers, pasta and everything in between. It’s kind of amazing. I used a combo of basil + mint + pistachios, but the thing that really makes this pesto is the avocado. It gives the pasta a creamy texture without adding any cream. You’d think that the pesto would turn brown after a while because of the avocado, but the acid from the lemon kee

from Babble

Hot Chocolate on a Stick: Your New Favorite Way to Warm Up

Added bonus: they're great for gifting, if you can only bear to part with them!

RE | Corbridge, Northumberland | REcycled, REscued, REstored, Products | Re-found Objects

from Epicurious

Butternut Squash Vegducken

There's no shame in not eating turkey at Thanksgiving, or ham at Christmas-that is, when you have Butternut Squash Vegducken. This vegetable stunner of an entrée is an entirely meatless take on turducken, with butternut squash, eggplant, and zucchini filling in for the usual suspects. An added bonus: the cheesy mushroom stuffing makes use of leftover vegetable scraps, making the dish #wasteless