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A Puritan's Mind » An Overview of O. Palmer Robertson’s Book “The Christ of the Covenants” – by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon

The Constantine Myth of Black Icon Destruction

The Constantine Myth of Black Icon Destruction | Desert Fathers Dispatch

Pape François - Pope Francis - Papa Francesco - Papa Francisco - Avec une délégation d'enfants de l’Action Catholique italienne, venus lui apporter leurs vœux de Noël. #popeFrancis #pausFranciscus

Al Pacino & Robert De Niro. I love both of these men so much! Wonderful actors !

St Ammonas hand-painted byzantine icon of the Desert Saint sacred art Fathers of the Church. A desert father and a Saint that is rarely pictured in iconography- Abba Amoun or St Ammonas of Nitria wearing the clothes of a monk, raising his hand in a blessing gesture and holding a scroll in its other hand. Copper gold is covering the background -something that would gradually give the icon its characteristic patina an antique look that will make the artifact even more beautiful.The name of…

The meaning of objects held by Saints in Icons

Sainted Bishops in Icons hold their main tool: the Gospel Book, from which they proclaim the Good News to the faithful during the Liturgy. Many of the Church Fathers were also Bishops, and some of their “writings” which we read today were not writings at all, but sermons preached after the reading of the Gospel, later copied down by the congregation for other churches to benefit from. Their inspired teachings were grounded in the Gospel, and so they hold these books.........