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Record Floods Affect Millions in the Midwest

So a comfy room at the Super 8 and a Big Mac are out of the question, I suppose?

NEVER feel that you are unworthy of any good that you desire. NEVER settle for any negative circumstance. NEVER believe that you are not capable of living your dreams. YOU ARE WORTHY! There is something superior inside of YOU, that is far superior to any of the circumstances surrounding you. Look for the positive in EVERY situation, LIVE IN THAT SPACE, and watch your world change for the better. :-)

What is it you REALLY LOVE? Your ONLY purpose in life is to live it doing what you love. Our capabilities are infinite - your time on this earth is not. Don't waste your time, don't waste your life. WHAT IS IT YOU REALLY LOVE?

No matter what is currently happening to you, has happened to you, or will happen to you, NOTHING in this world is superior to the power you have within you, NOTHING. Even if it seems like you can't see a way out of your negative situation, remember this, and think 'if this were true - how would I act right now?' and do it! Deep down in your soul you know this is true.

Don't believe in any negativity that comes to test your positive goal. It makes no sense to allow negative talk from people who have no experience in goal achieving or success in the subject of your goal. Surrounding yourself with people who have succeeded in what you want to succeed in provides a fundamental piece to your success: being in a successful environment. Surround yourself with success and you will become it!

The importance of hanging on to your dreams can hardly be described in a few sentences. It's imperative to your success that despite outside appearances you stay focused and committed to your desired outcome. Your dreams are there - don't lose sight of them! #bobproctor #motivationmonday

Bob has been teaching this information for almost half a century – changing the way millions of people think about and approach success! Whatever it is you want, start with the firm belief that you can achieve it. Stop and evaluate what you’re doing that IS working for you and what isn’t working for you … then do more of what is working and watch your life improve. | Robin Leach interviews Bob Proctor |

You can’t take a pill or push a button to eliminate fear from your life. Everyone is afraid of something at some point. But, that doesn’t mean you should let fear control you. And that’s exactly what it is doing. Whether you’re afraid of flying or starting a business, the fear is controlling your feelings, and that’s controlling your behavior, which creates your results. In the meantime, your life is shrinking. Read more on How to Eliminate Fear by clicking the images | #valuefromthevault

Is your goal weight, dream job, personal fulfillment and even love simply slipping through your fingers … day-after-day, month-after-month and year-after-year? Stop what your doing and watch this video from Bob Proctor now. #resultsthatstick #bobproctor