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"You're killing me Smalls." It's a perfect night for Smores and laying in cozy hammocks. #hammockcamping #hammocklife by @gritothez

When your Instagram husband can't take ONE good shot of you, so you're trying to kill him with looks😹 Look at my hands🙈 I may have also been conjuring a spell or two😭😭😭 -- hair // twist out on a blowout. There is a FB Live of this style on the blog 👉🏽✨

PizzaGate is going viral worldwide. Too late elites, you can't kill us ALL. You can't accuse us ALL of being pedos, when you're the ones with Instagram accou...

"you had one job" spot the #ocd items in this picture nice one @starbucks #ikebukuro crew! you're killing me here #facepalm #backwards