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New Legos! DPMS improved A-1 upper for an XM-177 style build 1/9 11.5 inch barrel w/ permanent FH from Tony's Customs. I may choose an older style CAR stock. I had to modify the handguard retaining ring to fit round handguards. It matches up with my New Frontier poly lower very well, but I am shopping around for a DPMS lower to complete the build.

Detonics Combat Master Mk 2. Made in 1977. First of the ultra compact 1911's. All steel, coned barrel, double guide springs.

Typical match load out. Six 30 rd Pmags and 2 20 rd Colt mags. 220 rds

Colt 1991A1/ODI Viking "Seecamp" style DA 1911. I read about it, found a kit and had it built at Qualitie Pistol and Revolver in Aurora, CO. I used it in IDPA for a season believe it or not.

Dedicated 9mm AR build. Started with a Colt style PSA lower, will probably paint this one.

Steyr Modell GBLoading that magazine is a pain! Get your Magazine speedloader today!

Go shoot in the rain.Don't let a little weather stop you.

Colt 1911 commercial model (NOT an A1) made in 1919, reblued but a keeper.

Finished fauXM-177. Fun little carbine for short range plinking. Looking forward to using this in a few upcoming matches just for kicks.