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Food for thought...

Don’t Let the Concept of Change scare you as much as the prospect of remaining unhappy. Well, happiness is a state of mind, So maybe this should say "remaining miserable" ?

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never thought I'd say I had a favorite hymn.but it is well with my soul is my favorite hymn.

One Republic - "Counting Stars"

i totally get it. "everything that kills me makes me fell alive" One republic-counting Stars

Empieza a ver tu mundo con los ojos del amor. Se sabio. Aquel que intenta lastimarte con su "inteligencia" nunca podrá hacerlo. Tu tienes el poder de tu mente y de tu alma. Da el ejemplo con tus acciones: quizás no entiendan en el momento pero ten por seguro que algún día quizás en otra vida lo harán...

When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge. I can't tell you how much truth there is to this on so many levels.