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Green pink cala lily, one of my favorite flowers. So beautiful, nature is amazing

Harlem Oriental Poppy

Harlem Oriental Poppy (Papaver orientale Harlem) perennial, Partial Shade/Full Sun, Zone 3 - 18 - 24 tall x 24 - 30 wide, spring flowers. Large burgundy red flowers on long sturdy stems. Poppies go summer dormant until the weather cools again in early f

Aquilegia Vulgaris Stellata 'Black barlow'

Aquilegia 'Black Barlow' Columbine One of the few near-black flowers. Fully double, spurless flowers that resemble Dahlias more than columbine.

Benary giant zinnia... my favorite flower ever!!! Great for a cutting garden!  So easy, and bloom all season long!!

Best flowers for all-summer color! LOTS of blooms, great for cutting, easy to start!

Cutting flowers - Giant Zinnias bloom all season long, have long vase-life, and are big and colorful!

Gorgeous Unusual

Not color-enhanced. Taken by Rebecca Tifft. Great shot, she had no idea what kind of flower it is. Identified by Pinners as Salpiglossis, Painted Tongue, and Poor Man's Orchid.

Gladiolus "Catharina"

Gladiolus - A wonderful Summer Flower

i Gladiolus. look for the perfumed Abyssinian gladiola-it's a rare plant. Light:Sun Plant Type:Bulb Plant feet tall Plant Width:To 1 foot wide Landscape Uses:Containers,Beds & Borders Special Features:Flowers,Attractive Foliage,Cu

Mallow, French Hollyhock

Mallow, French Hollyhock (Malva sylvestris) 'Zebrina' I hope mine from seed look like this when they bloom!

Botanical name: Iris douglasiana; Common name: Douglas iris. - I love iris flowers. So gorgeous.

Verbascum Southern Charm

Verbascum hybrid Southern Charm super simple to grow almost everblooming. If you cut back spent spikes it continuously sends up new ones tall is elegant with single blooms of either chamois, dusty rose or apricot, with fuzzy, purple eyes.

Johanna Azalea is an evergreen.  These are the fall leaves.

'Johanna' fall leaves by Azalea Society of America