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Syrian Jihadists Post Picture of Them Pointing Guns At Toddler “Hostage” From Christian Village…

The Shrinking Map of Palestine

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict has formed the core part of the wider Arab–Israeli conflict. It has widely been referred to as the world's "most intractable conflict".

Lamb & Rosemary Koftas long pin

Lamb and Rosemary Koftas

Find In-depth Review And Infographic About The Israel-Palestine Conflict. Learn about the history, timeline, important people and possible solution to this conflict.

Will The Israel-Palestine Conflict Ever End? - Infographic on Israel Palestine Conflict - Facts & Infographic

Yes You Can (and Should!) Travel to Palestine

Yes You Can (and Should!) Travel to Palestine


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Totally disagree. Half of this, the BLACK man/woman created. The moment we start being real is the moment we can stop this other "hate"

"I hate Muslims". I really hate it down to my gut when someone is so racist. Terrorists are bad, yes. But not every Muslim is a terrorist! I've not dated guys or been friends with certain people because they said ignorant, racist shit like that.

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