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10 Surprising Things Affecting Your Mood That You Never Thought About

Heart of the Matter—How We Got So Far Down the Wrong Track in Our Efforts to Prevent Heart Disease. Studies have demonstrated that there's NO correlation between high cholesterol and plaque formation, which leads to heart disease -- discover more here.

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Honey Butter

I love these 5 amazing homemade flavored butter recipes! Homemade bread and a jar of homemade butter would be a great gift to give for any occasion. Free printables included! Recipes for -Salted butter, honey butter, garlic butter, pumpkin spice butter & brown sugar cinnamon honey butter.

Time To Detox: 21 Warning Signs Your Body Is Overloaded With Toxins

21 Signs It's Time To Detox. Plus, 8 Daily Detox Tips | Holistic | Health | Natural Remedies |

3D mammograms to be covered by insurance in Illinois

Angelina Jolie Undergoes a Double Mastectomy, Breast Cancer preventive testing, prevention in our Medical Community? IS it really effective? Dr. Mercola chimes in...MUST READ!

23 Power Breakfasts

This compilation of 23 Power Breakfasts is surely to keep you going all day. Eat good food, feel good #breakfast #cleaneating #feelgood

20 ways to fall asleep fast #health #holistic #natural

Can't Sleep? 20 Strategies to Fall Asleep Fast

Thefood pyramid was invented by American Politicians with agendas, with catastrophic consequences

21 Famous Quotes To Help You Rise (& Recover) From Failure

"She has been through hell. So believe me when I say, fear her when she looks into a fire and smiles." — Anonymous