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Invisible 3D objects can be felt thanks to haptic holograms

Can you touch something without something actually being there (wut?)? Haptic #technology may make it possible soon! #tech #future

Art1: curriculum developed around elements and principles of design. Amazing ideas!!!! for the elements. USE THIS!!!

38 Architectural Renderings You Won't Believe Are Fake

Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings—solid, tangible structures. These images, however, depict views of spaces that have only ever existed in silico—and they're breathtaking.

Meta Wants to Become the Next Augmented-Reality Glasses Phenom

Meta - developing wearable computing eyewear that enters space and uses your hands to interact with the virtual world. The Meta system includes stereoscopic glasses, supplied by Epson, and a camera to track hand movements (Dan Farber, May