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Sword (weapon)

DIY and hobby enthusiasts can now undertake projects with more precision with Dremel’s comprehensive range of multitool attachments. Ideal for use in numerous applications, from metal polishing to wooden frame engraving.

Last week I had the pleasure to see and try out a traditional Yakut knife in Russia. Once I got home I started looking for one but so far with little success. They are quite a bit different from the norm as you can see in these photos. The blade is…

Try sticks are the ultimate way to practice your carving skills and your knife.

DIY: Wild Animal Magnets. I would like to try this with rubber ducks and my little ponies.

"This case turns your iPhone into a Swiss Army knife" - mom, if you see this, i think it has frye *all* over it. ;)

Wood carving // Slicing seat // 5 X 25 X 60 cm. For smaller children as a precaution and to help them to focus more on cutting. Practical tool for support for children and adults.

Scrap blade made from wrench. PLEASE don't try to use the wrench part ...


Make a ring by melting pennies.

Smelt the copper coating off a penny, leaving you with zinc. Pennies minted…