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Winter Wonder-Body Workout

Don't hibernate in the winter! Keep moving through the winter months with the Winter Wonder Body Workout you can do anywhere!

Medicine Ball Hiit Workout

This kickass medicine ball hiit workout will combine cardio, strength and stability allowing you to burn fat, tone up your legs, core and upper body while working on your balance.

O CrossFit é uma modalidade de treino onde o objetivo é a alta intensidade, podendo ser em forma de circuito, que deve ser realizado de 3 a 5 vezes por semana e que requer algum condicionamento físico porque há muito pouco tempo de descanso entre cada exercício.

Crossfit caseiro: 6 exercícios para fazer em casa e perder barriga

The 15-Minute Interval Training Workout|Shake up your treadmill routine (and get fast results!) with this easy workout.

Inner Thigh Workout Circuit [VIDEO]

Low impact circuit workout when recovering from an illness or injury. Im doing this workout today to ease back into exercise after my surgery. When recovering, listen to your body and skip it if it hurts.

very true stability ball workouts

4 Stability Ball Exercises for a Strong Core