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Another day, another cute animal print. I know what I like and what I like is for my clothes to have little animals and sometimes insects ...

The most amazing my-husband-would-never-agree-to-this wallpaper, ever. I'd call this Neo-Asian (I made that up!). The colors are just phenomenal!

Joules null Womens Intarsia Jumper, Partridge. Crafted for a super-soft feel and adorned with a cool animal intarsia that is guaranteed to raise a smile whenever it makes an appearance, this jumper is great to add a bit of character to your wardrobe.

Joules null Womens Knitwear, King. Take a walk on the wildside with this super soft jumper. Adorned with a cool animal intarsia that’s sure to raise a smile whenever it makes and appearance, this jumper is great to add character to your wardrobe.

When I was a little girl, I had a collie that looked like this one. I had many puppies/dogs growing up, but this one was always the closet to my heart....we were inseparable pals!♥♥ Ever since, I've always had a great admiration to collies or shelties!!!

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Garden Birds Dress

<p>I do love a good novelty print, and whatever you think of Cath Kidston, she does do some excellent novelty prints. This Garden Birds print is on a black background, so sombre enough for miserable winter days and wearing with black tights, but you can’t be miserable and wintery with …</p>