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The film is brilliant and I have somehow managed to get it into my Year 10 GCSE syllabus. "The Hunger Games" fan made poster

and instead we've got clowns terrorizing the streets, two idiots running for president, and the threat of nuclear war from North Korea

Warm Bodies The Hunger Games Percy Jackson Divergent Delirium The Mortal Instruments Vampire Academy Beautiful Creatures The Host The Maze Runner

speaking of my far too protective love for skulduggery pleasant, I’m putting together a poster for it which looks pretty decent at the mo. a lot of the lighting still needs to be fixed, and obviously there’s a bunch of details I need to add before its going to be finished, but this is definitely a good start. (as always, if you have any suggestions or whatnot, just hit me up)

Unless it's Panem, in which case, I would prefer to stay home thank you.<<<I actually would live and be apart of Panem. I would like try to be a soldier and fight for the rebellion.