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There is one that says some are born great some achieve greatness. Others have greatness thrusted apon them. This one is a bit different tho lol!!!

The crest of the Knight of Fandom. THIS IS SO PERFECT. Lets see if I can name them all... Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Merlin, LOTR, , Star Trek, Harry Potter, andthe Avengers.

Sherlock Meets The Doctor…I love how everyone thinks Sherlock and the Doctor would be friends, but this might be closer to reality... it would also be more fun to watch Sherlock out of his depth, and John being the one able to handle it.

Lovable villains…

Ow, right in the fandom…

"Ow, right in the fandom…" Oh my God I literally spit out my drink when I saw this!