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CareerFuel: Assisting the Unemployed - The site is basically your all- in- one place for finding information when securing a new job or even starting your business. Its goal is to be America’s Mentor by providing all the essentials to keep you going such as giving you regular updates on work- related news, blog, videos, and stories. So with CareerFuel, you will have all the help you can get to be at a place that you want to be.

Zopler: Collaborate with Fellow Writers - Zopler is a social network for writers, authors, teachers, and students. It is a place where they can easily collaborate on writing stories together as a group. So if you’re one, you can get help with the story you’re working on. Just by posting your work on the site, your fellow writers can easily assist you. They can either give their opinion or continue the story for you.

Pair: An App For Long Distance Relationships - Pair is an app that is designed for those couples for are in a long distance relationship. It changes the way couples interact with each other even when they are apart.