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Antonij Rupert, Syrah. Little Havanna, Umhlanga, South Africa. Delicate violet bouquet which mingles with ripe plum, black cherry and spice. Complex and inviting. A pliable, textured wine packed with silky rich, ripe black fruit. The gentle floral violet note and spice add dimension and interest. Smooth and velvety, it's layered with depth and concentration yet remains fresh and succulent. Balanced, structured and polished.

from DrinkedIn

Wine Tasting Infographic

This week's infographic comes from several sources including a professional wine tasting handbook and even a scientific explanation on all of the aspects of wine tasting. It was originally designed for a wine tasting fair in Hong Kong and we bring this to you as this week's infographic. As always, a high-resolution version is available for printing...

I typically dislike South African wines, until I went to South Africa. While staying at Singita, I was fortunate to have tasted a very limited edition wine by Antonij Rupert. Not only is the wine not released outside of South Africa, the winery isn't even opened to the public for tastings. One has to score an invitation. One of the best wines I've ever tasted. It's like a blend of black currants, tobacco and fruit cake. Loads of umami flavour!