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Naru-kami: A Japanese thunder-goddess. In some accounts, this deity is the same as the male Raiden. Occasionally known as Kaminari, Kami-nari, Kami-nari, Kaminari Sama, Kaminari Sama, Kaminarisan, Kaminarisan, Nari-kami, Nari-kami, Naru-kami, Naru-kami, Raiden, Raiden, Raijin, Thunder Woman, Thunder Woman, The Thunder Woman or The Thunder Woman. (Image:

Raijin (雷神) Raijin, also known as Raiden (雷電), is the Shinto kami of lightning, thunder, and storms. He is frequently depicted as a creature resembling an oni (鬼) who beats drums to create thunder. His companion is Raiju (雷獣), a creature with a body made of lightning who become upset during storms, jumping around and scratching objects with his claws (a lightning strike). Some people would hide their navels during storms because it was said that Raiju had a strange fondness for sleeping in…

Lyon Collection of Japanese Woodblock PrintsArtist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi Print: An actor as the God of Thunder and Lightning (Raijin or Raiden)