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It started out as a loving gesture from a husband to make his blind wife smile again - but became a major tourist attraction.Japan may be famous for its cherry blossom at this time of year, but in Miyazaki Prefecture people flock to see a different floral spectacle - mainly because of the love story

What Kessler did was post a series of profanity-laced, politically caustic, pro-gun, pro-Constitution videos earlier this month. In the days since, the have gone viral, attracting local, state and national coverage, culminating in tonight's meeting on Kessler's 14 years of employment with the borough.

Cat Cafes Attract People In Tokyo

Cat cafes attract people in Tokyo--A man plays with cats at Nekorobi cat cafe on January 20, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Cat cafes, where people can spend time with their favorite cat for about 10 US dollars an hour, are now getting more popular with people living in urban areas. The regular customers are mainly in their 20's to 30's and seaking healing by cats, or people who cannot afford to have pets full time. Some visiters come to the cat cafe three times a week.

Breathtaking shot of lion captured by world-renowned photographer

A snow monkey, pictured, in Japan looks suitably unimpressed with the chilly temperatures on a bleak and cold winter's day

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Things to Do in Okinawa, Japan

A series of 160 islands, only 40 of them inhabited, Okinawa is packed with tropical beaches, fields of sugar cane, scuba diving sites and castles. Thanks to its rural spirit, it acts as a time ...

2020 vision: From fighting seals to a badly hidden damselfly, the amazing images taken by 20 photographers over 20 months to celebrate British wildlife

Two goldfinches squabble over common teasel seeds on Hope Farm RSPB reserve in Cambridgeshire

Paul Krugman builds on Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal's argument on libertarian populism, and further examines why that model should not appeal to working-class white voters who rely on safety net programs like unemployment and food stamps.

Donald Trump’s victory smashes traditions of party loyalty, presenting opportunities between the extremes.