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(TT^TT)I should be a shame to admit this, but this is how I feel when I watch animes, or other animations,

Basically how I feel about so many fictional men.Will Herondale and Peeta to name a few!


Cute tattoo idea without the girl - books as leaves of the tree. The tree of knowledge perhaps?


I have a terrible sleeping disorder. It's called reading. by floney

Sometimes this is correct but mostly it's more like put it down so I can actually get a few hrs of sleep before my day must start!

Sometimes I tell myself "Put down the book and get some things done." Then I tell myself "Be quiet." This is soooo true!

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It's strange because sometimes, I read a book, and I think I am the people in the book. And every time I realize I am not I get the sudden urge to cry.

Although I haven't been through all of them yt, many of these things have happened to me..

25 Signs You're Addicted To Books

25 signs you’re addicted to Books. Welcome to Bookaholics Anonymous. Hi my name is Hannah, and I'm addicted to books. Every year when I go backpacking, at least 5 pounds of the weight in my backpack is a thick hardcover.

Когда ты читаешь книгу у которой нет фэндома:  Ну что же, полагаю, здесь только я и мои чувства

So sad, but so true! "When you read a book with no fandom: Well I guess it's just me and my feelings"

Reading is magical, makes me want to find my books in one of my boxes... but which one..

Each time you open a book and read it, a tree smiles knowing there's life after death. And a book is a magic portal to another dimension.

22 laugh-out-loud images for childhood bookworms.

22 Things You'll Understand If You Loved Summer Reading as a Kid

One time some people in my class were getting really surprised cause this one guy finished a book in 5 days, and since I'm quiet I was just sitting in the corner like, I finish books like that in a day


Vicki Anne Melo / Librocubicularist poster depicts woman reading in bed and word definition 'Librocubicularist - a person who reads in bed'

19  Things Only Book Lovers Will Understand

I felt like this with the last Mortal Instruments book, the last Percy Jackson book, but most of all, the last Harry Potter. You can never read a book again for the first time