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the morning after morning fog at sunrise you can see lake Kochelsee and Walchensee and the fog moving between them. We got up around 5 in the morning after a fabolous milky way shoot on top of the Herzogstand. What a view! Camera: Canon EOS 6D Visit and read how to see the Milky Way Image credit: #MilkyWay #Galaxy #Stars #Nightscape #Astrophotography

Amazing view of Milky Way. Look what we all might serif we turned the lights off.

The dock Nature photography from Photography Talk.

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How Much Do You Know About Outer Space?

The Milky Way, our small little section of the vastness that is the universe...

Blue Flame, Colour photograph (Giclée) by Shane Lamb. Alaskan night sky is dark from August to April. The Aurora is a natural light display caused by charged particles from the sun interacting with the earth's atmosphere. When these particles collide with oxygen, yellows and greens are produced, with nitrogen they produce reds, violets and rarely blues

How to read your camera's histogram. Understanding the Histogram and Adjusting Exposure

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Royce Blair photographs the Milky Way over Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming with incandescent lighting & flash. Gorgeous.

Milky Way | Milky Way and Stars. Nice combination of blues and purples

The Milky Way, Canterbury, New Zealand. I saw the Milky Way on a night drive to Armstrong with dad once. It's as fresh in my mind as yesterday.