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Norway and Denmark

Norway and Denmark

FACE family i almost cried... this is kinda...

FACE family i almost cried. >>> I cannot accept this omgomgomgomg nononononon this is so sad. The only thing there is to like about this is that for once Al and Matt aren't being pitted against eachother

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The Nordics and the Nordic Cats: Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden

Oh my god. Its to nordic 5 as the P5 from black butler

Finland and Denmark are happy, Iceland and Norway have blank expressions and fucking Sweden is giving us a death stare. Dude, Su-san we love you, is it because you have to be that close to Den?

akanedee: “So I drew this to cheer me up a bit~ I was gonna put Alfred as thing 1, but whateverrrr ”

Hetalia- Canada (thing and America (Thing XD im laughing so much it hurts<<<This accurately reflects their personalities so much

Still don't ship it, this is just cute

DenNor Nor's shirt says "Verdens beste mamma" it means Worlds best mom < How is this right?


Axis powers Hetalia APH HongIce Iceland Hong Kong lol "so dramatic"

Image result for pics of denmark from hetalia

Sweden and Denmark. Brought the danish food XD Hetalia Funny