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Join DrawMyDinner with AccessArt and The Big Draw the colours and hue of this picture!

Blue Ringneck Parrot, Queensland, Australia http://www.desktoplightingfast/Zorro123

C’era come un riso / in quelle corse intorno al lago / e fra le labbra a primavera / fischietti di foglie di canna. / Si udiva fragore di rane / guizzavano carpe lucenti / e noi non sapevamo se parlare o tacere. / Confuse ondeggiavano le nostre tre vite / sullo specchio rotondo dell’acqua. - Germana Duca Ruggeri


Les filles inconnues que vous trouvez jolies!

I love the simple makeup andhair and the white tank and how the lighting falls through and makes that shadow. You could probably cut out your own designs on something and put it in front of the sun and then theirs your DIY photoshoot!! :) | best stuff