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Although sea turtles live most of their lives in the ocean, adult females must return to beaches on land to lay their eggs

I have never snorkled a better place than Hanauma Bay, Oahu.  2008

Hanauma Bay Nature Must-See Oahu Hawaii Tourist Attractions, Oahu Tours & Attractions

Waimea Bay - great for swimming, It's like a giant pool. I've been too chicken to jump off "da big rock" but maybe one day

North Shore, Oahu - Waimea Bay - Had so much fun jumping off the rock!

Top 10 Oahu Tourist Attractions - http://www.traveladvisortips.com/top-10-oahu-tourist-attractions/

Ko Olina,Hawaii: has four man-made coves and white sand beaches

China Man's Hat

Chinaman's Hat - North Shore -Top 10 Places to see on Oahu, Hawaii

5 Travel Tips for Oahu, Hawaii

5 Travel Tips for Oahu, Hawaii

If your heading to Oahu for any reason these 5 Travel Tips for Oahu, Hawaii are a must for a pleasurable trip.

Lagoon at Hilton Hawaiian Village - Oahu

Lagoon at Hilton Hawaiian Village - although on the Hilton Hawaiian Village property, the public is welcome to enjoy this great big sandy “pool” in its beautifully landscaped, park-like setting.