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Coin of the Parisii, Gaul. This Celtic tribe has given the name of the modern town of Paris.

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Mystery of 1933 penny: Britain's rarest coin valued at £80,000 offered on eBay then suddenly withdrawn

1933 penny coin valued at £80k offered on eBay then suddenly ... × 478Pesquisar por imagens In for a penny: An example of the rare 1933 coin that was withdrawn from eBay


1920-1946 Great Britain 1 Shilling Silver Coin (.09 oz of Silver) Random Date

1942 Great Britain 1 Shilling Silver Coin

Celtic gold coin. What money should be before the I OWE YOU...the federal reserve and the IRS

Byzantine Gold Coins - The Byzantine Empire is the term conventionally used since the 19th century to describe the Greek-speaking Roman Empire of the Middle Ages, centered around its capital of Constantinople.

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By David Wilkes for the Daily Mail

The collection of 824 gold staters was found in a broken pottery jar buried in a field

Historic Coins – Old Coins | The Royal Mint


Anglo-Saxon gold coin leaves British Museum out of pocket

Anglo-Saxon coins featuring Coenwulf, King of Mercia

Tudor gold angel coin used as gift given by Henry VIII after touching to heal subjects who had disease called King's Evil or scrofula.