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#legologistloves Audrey Hepburn

the Inspiration: Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face . This ad is Gap's twist on bringing back the black skinny pant: Audrey style.

pure beauty -  Photographer Terry O'Neill says of his beautiful shot of Audrey Hepburn...  "The famous shot of Audrey Hepburn was just incredible. We were in the garden in the South of France and she was just a total pro - so great to work with. We were shooting and the dove just landed on her shoulder... she looked down and I got the shot and two frames later it flew away again. Incredible.

Audrey Hepburn with dove, St Tropez, 1967 I was taking some portraits of Audrey on the set of 'Two for the Road' when out of nowhere this dove landed on her shoulder. I was lucky to capture a couple of frames before it flew off.

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face... One of my favorite Audrey movies

Wish to: dress up like Audrey in Funny Face & dance like how she does in the movie. Audrey Hepburn, photo by Richard Avedon

Adorable :)

engagement photo idea: audrey hepburn and husband mel ferrer pose for pictures during a roadside excursion somewhere in france,

audrey hepburn in paris | Audrey Hepburn Paris 1956 Photo: David Seymour | actress | dancer ...

kitty-en-classe: Audrey Hepburn photographed by David Seymour during rehearsals for Funny Face, Paris, 1956

Audrey Hepburn with her deer. (This supports my idea that scientist should create a species of dwarf deer for domestic use.)

Audrey Hepburn grocery shopping with her deer. (fun fact: the pet's name is Ip, short for Pippin) By Bob Willoughby<-----You may be cool but you'll never be Audrey Hepburn grocery shopping with her pet deer cool.

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